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Apostille and Legalization

vollmacht apostilleDocuments for submission abroad are often only recognized if its authenticity has been certified. The seal of the issuing authority is not sufficient alone for recognition. There are two internationally applied processes - the Apostille and Legalization.

Our agency has many years of extensive experience with the use of documents abroad and the related required certifications.

We offer our service for documents issued in:


  • Apostille Österreich Austria
  • Apostille Belgien Belgium
  • Apostille Zypern Cyprus
  • Apostille Czech Republic Czech Rep.
  • Apostille Dänemark Denmark
  • Apostille Finland Finland
  • Apostille Frankreich France
  • Apostille Deutschland Germany
  • Apostille Griechenland Greece
  • Apostille Ungarn Hungary
  • Apostille Irland Ireland
  • Apostille Italien Italy
  • Apostille Litauen Lithuania
  • Apostille Niederlande Netherlands
  • Apostille Norway Norway
  • Apostille Polen Poland
  • Apostille Portugal Portugal
  • Apostille Slowakei Slovakia
  • Apostille Schweden Sweden
  • Apostille Schweiz Switzerland
  • Apostille Spanien Spain
  • Apostille Großbritannien UK


  • Apostille Hongkong Hong Kong
  • Apostille Indien India
  • Apostille Japan Japan
  • Apostille Philippinen Philippines
  • Apostille Südkorea South Korea
  • Apostille VAE UAE

South America

  • Apostille Argentinien Argentina
  • Apostille Kolumbien Colombia
  • Apostille Ecuador Ecuador
  • Apostille Peru Peru
  • Apostille Uruguay Uruguay

South America

  • Apostille Mexiko Mexico
  • Apostille USA USA
  • Apostille Kanada Canada

South America

  • Apostille Australien Australia
  • Apostille Neuseeland New Zealand


  • Apostille Namibia Namibia
  • Apostille Südafrika South Africa


Apostille Dokument We work out the authentication of your documents with the Apostille regarding the Hague Convention Abolishing The Requirement Of Legalization For Foreign Documents (Concluded October 5, 1961) for documents issued in countries listed above.

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Legalization basic

Legalisation UrkundeIf your documents have been already authenticated, we work out the legalization by the consular representative of the country in which you want to use your document (for countries which are not members of the Hague Convention Abolishing The Requirement Of Legalization For Foreign Documents).

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Legalization complete

Legalisation BescheinigungWe offer you the complete certification process (authentication + legalization) in case your document only has the seal of the issuing authority (for countries which are not members of the Hague Convention Abolishing The Requirement Of Legalization For Foreign Documents).

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Apostille ÜbersetzungAfter authentication, your document will be translated on request. We work with many sworn translators, so that we can offer you a wide range of languages. All translators were sworn in by German district courts.

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Issuance of certificates

Ausstellung UrkundeIf the certificate to be authenticated should be too old or you lost it, we can obtain a new copy of the document in some cases.

We offer this service for documents from Belarus, Denmark, Germany, Kazakhstan, Portugal, the Philippines, Russia, the USA and the Ukraine.

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